On September 10, 1981, Linear Technology Corporation was officially incorporated.

That was forty years ago. Forty years before that was 1941 when wireless meant a radio with five vacuum tubes, when computers were people with slide rules, and when robotics was a new science fiction term coined by Isaac Asimov…

I’ve said this phrase and I’ve had it said to me.

I’ve also been on both sides of the phrase, “management agrees with your idea and wants to implement the change immediately.”

Implementing a Pivot

Every company faces market dynamics and needs to pivot quickly to adapt. A “pivot” can be a change in strategy, a redefinition of product features, a shift in market…

How the right people, a unique place, and the Panic of 1837 proved we could get along

Historians tend to smooth out the ebb and flow of circumstances. Lessons to be learned sometimes hide in the eddies of a distant time and place. One such eddy current bubbled up along the Kalamazoo River in the 1840s.

The most concise history of the area involves Native Americans allying…

Part visionary, part con-man, my hometown’s namesake left little more than his name. Unfulfilled dreams, possible corruption, then vanished.

Young and brash from a wealthy family, he lost patience for medical school in Massachusetts. Restless again after being admitted to the bar at 25 in Vermont, he headed west to practice law. The brand new Erie Canal expedited his trip across New York. After reaching Detroit, he crossed the…

Todd Nelson

Engineer, sustainability, indigenous history, analog electronics history and anything that supports my belief that bikes can save the world.

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